The company Nhat Thien Tam Technology and Trading Co., Ltd (NTTC) was established in 2003 by enthusiastic and experienced IT professionals. For more than 15 years of establishment and development, NTTC Company has continuously made efforts. to affirm its position through each IT project implemented for enterprise customers in many fields. NTTC has chosen for itself the mission of understanding and developing advanced technology solutions in IT and Communication for customers in Vietnam and internationally for the well-being of customers.
We specialize in providing high quality solution products, our comprehensive solution products are supported by our experienced system specialists and service support specialists. Thoughtful service to customers with the motto QUALITY – TOP GOAL
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Government agencies, State-owned and private enterprises, Petroleum energy, Media, Service trade, Education and training, Transportation, Medical pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking , Insurance, Telecommunications and FDI Enterprises, Multinational Corporations, Customers outside Vietnam.


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