Prominent Services

NTTC specializes in providing Information Technology (IT) services to support businesses and organizations in order to bring the highest stability to the IT system, thereby better serving the management and production goals. business of businesses and organizations.

Infrastructure services

As a solution provider at the highest level of cooperation with most of the world’s leading IT firms, HPT is able to provide and integrate most IT infrastructure solutions such as Virtualization and Electrical solutions. cloud computing, Network Infrastructure solution, Data center Infrastructure solution, Server and storage system solution, video conferencing solution, Unified Communications solution and Database construction solution Enterprise comprehensive data.

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Data Services

As the Platinum partner of Oracle, the highest level partner of Microsoft, NTTC with a team of consulting engineers, specialized implementation of database, experienced, professional knowledge and specialized skills can help the environment. Customers’ database is always in the ready condition, operating with the highest safety and security performance.

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Services CNTT for Clients

  • Technical Support
  • Warranty – maintenance
  • Relocate the system
  • Personnel rental CNTT
  • IT equipment rent
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Software Services

  • Software integrated services
  • Software machining services
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Cloud service

  • Surveying and consulting IT systems
  • Product consulting / Solution
  • Install the system
  • Lease system
  • Support and system management
  • Conversion and integration
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