Outstanding solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in many key projects in Vietnam, HPT has always been a pioneer in providing advanced IT-based Solutions to domestic and foreign customers.

Solution of IT infrastructure

As a solution provider at the highest level of cooperation with most of the world’s leading IT firms, HPT is able to provide and integrate most IT infrastructure solutions such as Virtualization and Electrical solutions. cloud computing, Network Infrastructure solution, Data center Infrastructure solution, Server and storage system solution, video conferencing solution, Unified Communications solution and Database construction solution Enterprise comprehensive data.

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Data Solutions

Along with the strong development of IT, the database system (Database) has become an increasingly important asset for all businesses. Today’s database is considered the most basic component in all application systems, from core applications for production and business to applications for information exchange, user support, marketing, and customer service. line…

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Sercurity Solutions

NTTC always wants to work with customers to build a solid security foundation for IT systems, ensure effective business processes, solve problems to develop new business models, and enhance the competitive position. paintings of businesses.

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Integrated software solution

With in-depth competence, experienced and experienced personnel, HPT is able to respond to customer requirements in the most flexible manner with a wide selection of appropriate options based on the criteria: “Efficiency – Safety – Specialist – Savings.

Software solutions provided by NTTC are able to meet all requirements, being a reliable partner for investment projects and IT software development of organizations. , enterprise.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions With its strength and in-depth competence, NTTC is able to meet the requirements of customers in the most flexible way with many suitable options based on the criteria: “Efficiency – Safety – Specialist – Saving”.

NTTC is able to consult and deploy the most advanced Cloud Computing solutions from IT Partners, in order to optimize Customer’s business and administration system.

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After mit, lawrence plans to pursue a career in research in academia or original source site for technology development.